Friday, September 25, 2009


I am quite hungry. Maybe it's all this talk of food, whether it's food-born illnesses or not- sounds good to me.

The first article has little body copy to work with, and so it was a good opportunity to up the size of the headline and add a glamour shot on the left page. The image that will eventually be placed on the entirety of the left page is a photo of a pepper, maybe two, splashing into water [since the article does mention washing the food]. I created the layout mostly breaking out from the fold. It may be hard to tell with the spread lacking the photo, but it's gonna be gooood.

The second spread is an article about the hormones that your body produces that can make you feel full. I added two words to the title--"The Secret to Feeling Full (is out)". I want the mouth on next to the title to lead you to the side bar, which will be in the current blank space, and will likely include illustrations of parts of the digestive system, but it's possible that I will change my mind and use imagery of food.

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