Friday, September 18, 2009

Catching up...

Last class we looked at the magazine spreads we had designed for the article, Stressed out! Let the most frazzled win! First issue is that the headline is set, and it's a little hard to work with. Next problem, professor decides to place the article into Modern Lifestyles Mature Living. This made it difficult to want to use photos I take because I do not have models to use who, I'm sure, are this magazines definition of "mature". This made me hold back concept-wise because I was mostly worried about the difficulties I would run into trying to execute them. Not to mention--loads of type to work with. A few ideas bounced around in my head, a lot of them, though, I felt cliché. The headline begs for some sort of race or contest, but I feel like it may be hard to find two older individuals willing to run a track looking "frazzled" or find a stock photo of two "mature" people playing tug-o-war. In the end, I have begun working on a more type-based design. We'll see.

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