Friday, September 11, 2009


Words I would use to describe what I wish I could do, but can't because I am a viscom major. I kid. Dance was the topic of this next poster, more specifically a performance of different dance groups from Truman State and the like. Immediately I decided to come up with a concept that would have a pop culture reference, which in my mind would be fairly easy to come up with a multitude of them, but finding a good one for the design would be a bit more tricky. After about an hour of brainstorming and googling, I landed on the age old question-are we human or are we dancer? Ha. I decided that the headline would be the dominant element, as it is a reference that any radio-listener would catch. I took around twenty minutes to draw an image of a dancer whose arms/hands resemble the form of an 'A' and so I designed it to replace the 'A' in DANCER. Overall, I would say that I spent close to 2 hours on this comp. Prior to creating this comp, I had to revise my Native American Heritage Month Poster. I had redrawn the image using charcoal, which took about an hour to two hours, less than before having already created a grid which was helpful to my schedule. Once that was done, all I had to do was scan it in, and place it in the grid that I had created. All of these revisions rounded to about 3 hours. Still have some work to do, some tweeking, but I am becoming more pleased with the overall design.

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