Tuesday, September 1, 2009

flyers: part one of sixty

Viscom bootcamp has commenced.

Assignment one, given on Friday, included the re-design of some heinous designs that 9-fingered professor Nelson has found around campus. Delighted to know that nothing I would produce could be worse than the originals, I spent my weekend with the creative wheels turning. In my mind. Finally, Sunday night, I felt I was ready to form my designs. I began with a flyer related to Greek language, as I felt I had gotten a handle on a concept. If my memory serves me, it took around two hours to "crank" it out. I later returned to this design and added a gradient to the type, which added just what it needed to look truly complete (and so, for the moment I was truly complete). The concept for the second flyer, though, I had mulled over for day(s) to no avail. It took another twenty minutes to decide, and from then it took around two hours to fully produce. Feeling good, I think.

I proudly brought my designs to class, sufficiently pleased with myself (though quite tired). My classmates were not as impressed with my designs as was I. What's that my professor is always saying, "Work harder"?

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