Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Midterm Portfolio.six

full bleed

And finally, this is my latest spread. The article comes from the Missouri Conservationist, and we were instructed to shoot our own photos. I knew that with the nature of the magazine, the layout had to be natural and organic feeling. The article mentions the colors of fall and so the trees at this time are wonderful for photographing. I took a semi-arial view photo of a tree from my porch and also a photo of thousand hills state park. There was not too much body copy in this article, which is why I decided to add in the photo on the right, without it the layout was too minimal. The colors of the layout work fantastically. This layout, in total, took between 3.5 to 4 hours.

Midterm Portfolio.five

full bleed

This layout, like the last, was meant to utilize the found photo in an attempt to find a concept for a client that worked. This time I found something that I was interested in, music, and discovered a topic that this photo would work with. The spread is actually an ad for the music venue and I found that the repetition of the photo made an interesting texture and works well with the subject matter. I mimicked the lines on the opposite page and added the color from the sky in the photo to the text to make the spread more unified. this spread took about 2 hour total.

Midterm Portfolio.four

full bleed

The main idea in this spread is the photo. It is a photo which was found and needing to be utilized before knowing an article to use it for. I found that, especially today, finding articles on going green is so easy to do, as it is a topic that is discussed a lot. Once I knew what kind of article this fabulous photo would work for, it was a matter of 'landing' the client. Well, they really wanted me to work on this for them. I had a look at the design elements and principles and started playing with the idea of positive/negative space. At first I used a straight checkerboard of the photo, when that didn't work I took away squares in a more random order. On the side with the copy I attempted to mimic the positive/negative aspect with the text in the green pull quotes. This layout took close to 4 hours total to complete the spread, with revisions. the layout has enough breathing room to look uncluttered, and the elements are effective.

Midterm Portfolio.three

full bleed

Another spread. This spread involved a good deal of body copy, and so it required more attention to the type-how big or small, number of columns, and so on. The type size is slightly larger on the left page, by .5 point. The initial layout of the text took around two hours to work into this format. I knew where the photo/illustrated elements were to go, but still had to create them. I chose the open mouth on the photo because it is the beginning of any process that deals with food or digestive hormones. The graphic element of the digestive tract was decided upon because the nature of the side bar was digestive hormones. I believe that this layout looks professional, and after having figured this out I felt more confident in my spreads.

Midterm Portfolio.two

full bleed

This spread is left more open-literally. With little body copy to work with I new that the photo element that I chose would need to be interesting. I really wanted to get a shot that included water because I felt that one of the most important aspects of the story is the need for individuals to wash all fresh foods. With the full page photo, I wanted to give the right page more breathing room with about 50% negative space. To finish it off, I added in the top page break line and the lines to separate the text boxed. Pleased.


two color
no bleed

For the Native American Heritage Month poster, I first wanted to decide the feel that I wanted to put into it. I decided that a respectful, very tradition-oriented concept would be the best fit and began to search for a true Native American quote that would fit well. After searching for 2 hours for the quote, I landed upon 'Tell me, and I'll forget, show me and I may not remember, involve me and I'll understand" because it brought forth the concept of involvement. I wanted this poster to make people want to understand about those individuals who have been living in this country before we arrived. Serious stuff. I believe that with the use of scale, line, and the grid the design works in the way that I hoped it would.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I had a lot of fun shooting photos for this spread, jumped around in some leaves. Unfortunately, I couldn't discover a fantastic way of integrating them into the layout, so for now there is just a lovely shot of the tree in my backyard (which I rather enjoy). While Thousand Hills is fabulous, it just looks too brown and drab at the moment. If I am able to catch some deer in a photo, I will, but unless that happens, I will continue searching for that last little something that this layout needs. It took about an hour to shoot, and about two hours to produce the layout.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Professional Photo-Progressional Design?

More like digressional design. Meaning the last one got just about no attention. I will have to make it up to the poster later. I spent the last two days [in "free" time of course] brainstorming and searching for articles, businesses, and events that the photo I have chosen could relate to. The first part of this assignment that I worked on was the magazine spread, took me only about two hours to finally land a design that I was happy with and then another hour to complete it. Then I moved on to the two page advertisement spread. This design came to me quickly, perhaps because of its similar style to the first spread, however different. The ad took about two hours to produce, which has left little time for the third and final design using this photo--the poster. So, poster, you are finished only in content. Apologies but my eyes simply refuse to stay open no matter how much I know they should.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Bait shop ad. Don't hate it, but definitely need some work. #2 will be drawn/illustrated.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Final Food Spreads

These posts are getting less interesting. Sorry. Here are my final spreads, I reshot the peppers and moved a few things around. I am very satisfied with how they look. Total, it took around 3.5 to 4 hours per spread.

A quality photo

Not sure if this will work as a professional image or not. It is professional, but it may have been modified too much for what we were asked to find.