Thursday, December 17, 2009

Final Portfolio: Two

Magazine Spread: National Geographics
"How Safe"
11 x 17
3 hours

Once again, this spread is making it's second appearance with some minor changes to improve it. I have altered the color of the background, and while it is still yellow, I have dulled the intensity. I have also made the copy of the short article on the left side of the layout so that it would be the first thing read, even though the type is smaller. These changes took around an hour. Everything else has stayed the same.

With little body copy to work with I new that the photo element that I chose would need to be interesting. I really wanted to get a shot that included water because I felt that one of the most important aspects of the story is the need for individuals to wash all fresh foods. With the full page photo, I wanted to give the right page more breathing room with about 50% negative space. To finish it off, I added in the top page break line and the lines to separate the text boxed.

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