Thursday, December 17, 2009

Final Portfolio: One

Magazine Spread: Time Magazine
"The Secret of Feeling Full"
11 x 17
4 hours

This layout appeared in my midterm portfolio. Since then I have made some minor tweaks, spending an additional half an hour making it look as good as it gets. Otherwise, all is the same...

This spread involved a good deal of body copy, and so it required more attention to the type-how big or small, number of columns, and so on. The type size is slightly larger on the left page, by .5 point. The initial layout of the text took around two hours to work into this format. I knew where the photo/illustrated elements were to go, but still had to create them. I chose the open mouth on the photo because it is the beginning of any process that deals with food or digestive hormones. The graphic element of the digestive tract was decided upon because the nature of the side bar was digestive hormones. I believe that this layout looks professional, and after having figured this out I felt more confident in my spreads.

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