Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Professional Photo-Progressional Design?

More like digressional design. Meaning the last one got just about no attention. I will have to make it up to the poster later. I spent the last two days [in "free" time of course] brainstorming and searching for articles, businesses, and events that the photo I have chosen could relate to. The first part of this assignment that I worked on was the magazine spread, took me only about two hours to finally land a design that I was happy with and then another hour to complete it. Then I moved on to the two page advertisement spread. This design came to me quickly, perhaps because of its similar style to the first spread, however different. The ad took about two hours to produce, which has left little time for the third and final design using this photo--the poster. So, poster, you are finished only in content. Apologies but my eyes simply refuse to stay open no matter how much I know they should.

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