Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Midterm Portfolio.four

full bleed

The main idea in this spread is the photo. It is a photo which was found and needing to be utilized before knowing an article to use it for. I found that, especially today, finding articles on going green is so easy to do, as it is a topic that is discussed a lot. Once I knew what kind of article this fabulous photo would work for, it was a matter of 'landing' the client. Well, they really wanted me to work on this for them. I had a look at the design elements and principles and started playing with the idea of positive/negative space. At first I used a straight checkerboard of the photo, when that didn't work I took away squares in a more random order. On the side with the copy I attempted to mimic the positive/negative aspect with the text in the green pull quotes. This layout took close to 4 hours total to complete the spread, with revisions. the layout has enough breathing room to look uncluttered, and the elements are effective.

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